Hi Gents,

PatrickWelcome to the Allen Edmonds Stepping Up blog! I’m Patrick. Here’s a quick bio on me: 24, from Detroit originally but most recently Texas, moved to Milwaukee to work on Allen Edmonds’ marketing team. So why the blog? We thought it would be fun to show the experience of someone who is passionate about fashion and who is part of the inside team. My plan is to post here ideally on a monthly basis, covering a variety of topics including: what it’s like to live and work here in Port Washington/Milwaukee area, in-depth product reviews, and I’ll also jump into the design team’s world by showing you an occasional sneak-peek of product that is coming down the pipeline.

Additionally, you will get a firsthand look at some of Allen Edmonds’ vintage appeal, its quirks, and what it’s like to work in an office where I can literally walk through the adjacent factory door, inhale the intense aromas of leather and pick up the product for myself as it’s being made.

Goodyear Welt Machine--In use since the 1940's

Goodyear Welt Machine–In use since the 1940’s

I’ll talk about occasions and how to dress for them, and I’ll look at the weekend and more casual settings to determine how to look your best. Most importantly I hope to ignite in you the same excitement I have for this great company’s products.

Talk soon and be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and email list (below) so you know when the next post is up,