Fathers’ Day

Greetings Fathers and Sons –

A friend of mine – a well-respected, highly successful corporate lawyer whose son is well on his way to similar success in medicine – sent the following email to me a while ago.  I thought it a fitting anecdote for Fathers’ Day…

“Hi Paul —  As you know, I’m a huge fan of the two-tone Nashua shoes. My son is a doctor, completing a chief residency year in Philadelphia.  When I visited him in December, I was dismayed by the shoes he was wearing (cheap and not even shined properly).  Of course, in his defense, he has no money.  I immediately bought him the Nashua shoes for the hospital and guaranteed he would love them.  I challenged him to find a pair of pants that would not go with them—he can’t.  Anyway, he has thanked me many times since then—loves the shoes.

And for good measure, I bought him a pair of AE dress loafers.  (His wife bought him the flip-open iPhone case that is also a wallet. He says people ask him about it all the time.)

And an important detail—as a father, I can never resist a teaching moment.   After this incident, I said:  “Conrad, if you don’t remember another thing I have told you, remember this—always shine your shoes.  I mean that literally and figuratively.  Speaking literally,  people judge you based on the quality and condition of your shoes.  It shows care and attention to detail.   And speaking figuratively, I mean always dress well and look your best–proper shoes are an essential part of that.


A great guy and a great dad giving great advice.

Best wishes and Happy Fathers’ Day!!