NEW Product Sneak-Peek: Intravenous Patriotism

If you’re familiar with our brand, you know you don’t have to look far to find a theme of patriotism running through our veins.  With the Independence shoe collection we pay homage to important signers of the Declaration of Independence by naming our shoes after them.  Our historic pen collection consists of handcrafted pens from materials in historic landmarks such as the Old North Church, Yankee Stadium, Churchill Downs, and the White House.  Did you know that we’ve outfitted several American presidents on many occasions as well?

Based on all of this you could say that we are proud to be American.   However, instead of shedding more light on what we’ve done to display our love of country, I will briefly talk about what is in the lineup for fall 2015.   I’m excited that our designers tapped deep into our national heritage for the upcoming season.  They looked at activities and events that helped shape American society such as the common pastime of Camping and spending time in the outdoors by designing a comfortable camp moccasin.  They dug deep into the archives and created vintage looking boots inspired by WWII era military boots. They also traced post-war style trends and added modern refinements such as raised toe profiles, cushioned insoles, and water resistant outsoles to our plain-toe chukkas, bluchers and the classic wingtip, dubbing them 2.0 styles.  This coming season goes to show that like a lot of great American companies, as much as we enjoy history, innovation is ever present at our core.

While it would seem premature for me to introduce the aforementioned new additions all at once, I do want to whet your appetite by focusing for a moment on one of our new designs.  Below is an image of my white baseball stitched shoes and blue beefroll penny boat shoes, as well as our new Northland camp moccasin in a rich red.  This will be available for purchase later this summer where I will provide you with an in depth product review, similar to the Sea Island web gem or the Dainite sole post.  I’ve worn these around town a little bit and I’ve noticed they’re as good looking as they are comfortable.  Lots of head turns and smiles so far…

Next up:  I’ll come back at you in a couple weeks with one on one interviews with some of our designers to learn about what inspired them this season. Stay tuned for some interesting perspectives…

This Independence Day, while you engage in the typical festivities such as barbecuing, going to the lake or park, watching fireworks, and spending time with family or friends, I hope you can pause to enjoy looking back at our national heritage as much as we have, so that you too can look ahead.

Happy 4th ,