The Ultimate Weekend Bag

Weekend duffle bags are great.  They’re more refined than backpacks and they don’t feel out of place like modern roller suitcases on weekend jaunts out of town.  I’ve had a competitor’s medium duffle bag for the last couple years and it’s been a solid bag for the most part, but I always thought it was a little too big for my needs and I wasn’t happy when the handles started tearing 2 months into owning the bag. So when Mark, the designer of our new tan saddle duffle bag brought a sample to my desk about a month ago to show me all the features, I knew I had to retire my other bag so I could buy  one of these for myself.

The tan saddle duffle has been awesome.  It’s carry-on-size-approved which makes it a great travel companion, and it’s made of a beautiful thick, Texas steer leather.  And the antique brass adornments such as the zippers, D-rings, and feet are compelling in and of themselves.  In an age where companies cut corners to cut costs, it’s nice to see quality, time-tested materials are still appreciated.

Opening the bag reveals where the true armor dwells.  The Cordura fabric lining makes for a virtually tear-proof interior that holds up against moisture, dirt, and whatever else falls off from your shoes or boots when you stuff them into this bag.  Cordura is a special fabric—even the military trusts it for a variety of gear, equipment and apparel.

Mark also told me he made the handles about an inch thicker at the closing point so it feels more substantial in the hand, and picked a thicker, more durable leather.  When you run your hand along the side of the bag you instantly understand that it is exceptional leather.  Are you a fan of patina and the phrase “gets better with age”? Then you’re going to love the way this picks up your world’s beatings: scratches, abrasions, bumps and bruises will make it age wonderfully.

I’ve tested this bag the past couple weekends on trips away from home and it has performed.  I can fit two pairs of shoes, or one pair of shoes and one pair of boots, a bag of toiletries, and more than a day’s worth of clothes inside.  In my mind, that’s the right amount of belongings for a weekend getaway.  The brass clasps on the top corners of the bag attach down at the bottom D rings for a more streamlined look (pictured above), but if you need more room, simply detach the clasps from the D rings and you’ll increase your carrying capacity.

Weekend Warriors, overnight business flyers, and occasional short-term explorers, this bag is the bag.  I’m excited that we’re offering it and that it not only appears sublime, but that so much thought went into this product—every element carefully selected.  Like being around the folks that design our shoes, it’s pretty special to see how much design-driven utility and critical thinking goes into the products we make… One of the many reasons I love being here.