Your Winter Boots Have Arrived

With the holidays fast approaching, and after reflecting on my previous year spent in Texas, I recall that it’s not uncommon for families in the south to give cowboy boots as a holiday gift.  I had a few friends in Texas who asked for cowboy boots for Christmas and even some who, although they didn’t request any, were surprised with a pair on Christmas morning by their parents or girlfriends.  I think giving a pair of well-made boots is a memorable and meaningful way to say that you care.  Every guy who appreciates boots will remember that special pair of boots that he wore the hell out of, or the pair that fit him perfectly.  This got me thinking… for those of us in the north, why not take a note from our friends in the south and give (or request) a pair of winter-appropriate boots this year?

I love the shape on these First Avenue boots.   Named after a famous Minneapolis music club, these boots bring an edge and modern appeal with an elongated cap, a broad toe that precedes a tapered waist or midsection, and a brown pebble grain finish.  The best part—100% authentic Shearling lining that goes all the way down to the footbed.  These things are soft, plush, warm and durable.  The leather is fashionable and the sleek, all-weather Dainite soles add the assurance that you can wear to these the office just as easily as outside to grab some firewood or to trek through the snow (if we had snow, I’d show you a picture).

The wide lacing system creates a masculine appeal and the red and brown pull tab in the back adds an understated personal statement.   Nothing about these boots disappoints me.  They couldn’t look sleeker, be warmer, or more weather-appropriate than they already are.  Nice job designers.

(Allen Edmonds First Avenue Shearling boots)