Tassels are Back

For some reason this spring I had the inclination to get a pair of tassel loafers. Maybe I’ve been seeing them in the men’s fashion world on various blogs, or perhaps I’ve been seeing them in east-coast design magazines or articles.  I can’t remember exactly where I’ve been noticing them but I do know that it has produced a desire.

With the recent rise in patterned socks (also called fashion socks), I’ve been wearing loafers more frequently.  They’re easy to put on and take off, and they show more of the statements that I try to make with my socks.  Honestly, tassels aren’t easy to pull off from a style standpoint, and I’ve neglected to give them a chance in my wardrobe.  This spring, I’m changing that.

What I love about these tassel loafers is how versatile they are.  You can wear them with fashion socks and bright colored chinos as pictured, or you could wear them without socks for an even more fashion-forward look.  You can dress them up with a suit, or dress them down with a pair of jeans.  All of this means these shoes are possibly some of the most multipurpose shoe styles you could own right now. 

The streamlined appeal is also a natural strength for this shoe. It’s built on my favorite new last for our company: the 2042.  I have a pair of dark brown Lake Forest slip-ons (also built on the 2042) which have become my favorite slip-ons this past year because of their shape alone.  The Walnut Achesons however are becoming an easy contender for the top-shelf spot in my closet.

I would argue that tassels have been avoided by many men because there remains an outdated view that they are “old-man” or stodgy shoes—that only grandpas and professors wear with any regularity.  If you look through the men’s fashion world right now, you’ll see this silhouette popping up on the feet of GQ models, preppy athletes, Instagram bloggers, even if they are still worn by academics.  What I enjoy about the Acheson though is, it’s a more athletic take on a traditional shoe shape.  The stance is svelte with angled drop tassels that sit flat across the toebox. And the foot-hugging, low vamp is preceded by a sweeping forepart that begins with a more contemporary toe.  The result is a slightly more aggressive, slightly more acute profile.  To me, the shoes evince an almost sculpture-like appearance when they’re worn with the right pants and exciting socks.

There are many trends or fashion looks that you could try this spring, but don’t let the tassel loafer be one that you pass up.  The style has been around for decades and worn by many great men. Maybe it’s just me, but since I’ve been wearing these, I’ve felt like a have a little more pep in my step. Oddly enough, it also seem as if the shoes communicate something for me, without having to speak a word at all.  If shoes can do that sort of talking for me, then they definitely deserve a place, a high place, in my closet.

(Allen Edmonds,  Acheson)