Caught Up in the Madness

The Madness has officially begun!  Case in point, we’re offering a variety of custom-color Neumok shoes in an array of color options so you can support your favorite team in the big tournament.

Many people are not comfortable wearing a ball cap or sports jersey at work, so I was thrilled when we decided to offer these shoes. Office appropriate? Well, they’re dress shoes…so yes.

Uppers going down the customs production line

Uppers going down the customs production line

The Custom-Color Neumoks are similar to the statement you make when you don a pair of fashion socks or reveal the exciting pattern on the lining of your sport coat. There’s a sense of unexpected zing when you wear these to the office or out to the sports bar.  People will notice your shoes but their reactions will be very different than if you showed up in a sports jersey or team hoodie and had your face painted… Unlike those fashion faux pas’, these shoes will make a spirited statement that says you actually know what you’re doing as an adult fan.

As a devoted Michigan wolverine (born and raised) I’ve received some grief at the office recently (in Wisconsin) from my fellow Badger and Marquette fans but who cares? I’m staying true this March. Go Blue!