Spring Break with the Sea Islands

South Beach, Miami

It’s that time of year again.. when you and your family eagerly count down the days until you board a plane bound for a warmer destination.  Spring Break should be a national period of rest, almost like a Federal holiday.  For those of us in the north, after braving 3+ months of beyond-blustery winds, brutal temperatures, and skies so gray,  Spring Break is welcome relief.  Spring Break can be even more glorious if you leave behind your emails, your online social life, and disconnect for a few days.  But sometimes it takes more than pressing “power off” or “sign out” to really detach from your normal world. Sometimes, you need to physically feel comfortable to be comfortable.

This is why I took my swim trunks, a couple books, sunscreen and my new Navy Sea Island slip on loafers with me to Florida. What’s amazing about these shoes is their luxurious interior.  They’re just SO soft– like slippers but better (and much more appropriate to wear in public).  I like these so much I have four pairs of them—the most of any single style of shoe that I own. The Sea Island might as well have been named the “Serene Bliss” because that’s what it feels like when you slip them on.

The suede in the uppers is some of the finest in the world, made by a company in England that has been making fine leathers for more than 200 years: CF Stead.  This particular suede is called Janus calf and it has an amazing “hand” or supple touch when you run your fingers through it. Working for Allen Edmonds means that yes, I am fortunate to have a lot of great shoes, but there isn’t one pair of shoes in my closet that actually feels like a silky slipper… except these. What’s amazing to me is that along with the high level of comfort they provide, they’re equally bolstered with style points. Easy to rock with jeans, chinos, shorts, and anything else you’d wear in a warmer climate.

From the pictures above you can see how versatile these shoes are.  I even wore them with swim trunks for a day.  Wherever you travel this spring time, avoid the style rut that so many men get stuck in: the wearing of flip flops or sandals everywhere you go (beach—sure. Pool—yes. Restaurant?—no one wants to see your feet while enjoying their meal). If you want a shoe that feels relaxed but brings a fashionable charm all of its own, then look no further than the Sea Island.  Your travel companions will notice your style and your feet will thank you for the massage you’re giving them.