The Baracuta G9 — My Spring Jacket of Choice

If you’re in the market for a spring jacket, take a look at the G9 by Baracuta.  This jacket is purposefully designed to keep the spring elements at bay and it is simply stylish with a subtle tartan plaid interior lining, umbrella shaped vent on the back, and slanted “envelope” pockets.  Just like the King of Cool (who was often seen wearing one) the G9 is effortless and timeless.  The G9 is so classic that it has remained virtually unchanged over the last several decades, with minor changes to enhance the fabric’s water resistant properties.

The History: Invented in the 1930’s in England, the Baracuta eventually made its way over to the states  by the likes of musicians, celebrities, and world travelers and gained popularity especially in the 1950’s in the US.  Doing a simple google search reveals that celebrities and famous actors in the 1950’s-70’s were often seen wearing this style of jacket both on and off the set.  Present day British actors have also featured the jacket in modern action films and on the streets of London and New York in their personal lives.  If it has remained a popular choice and wardrobe staple for the last 60 years, then it’s definitely a classic worth considering.

The Details: it has an elasticized waist and cuffs, reminiscent of a comfortable track jacket and a button collar to keep rain from going down your neck in case you’re suddenly caught in a downpour.  It’s also very lightweight and water resistant which (for me) means it’s versatile.  I can wear this when it’s pushing 35 degrees and rainy/sleeting or I can unzip it and wear when it’s pushing 60 degrees and sunny, and everything in between.  You won’t get hot in this yet the tartan cotton blend lining provides a slight layer of insulation on those dreary rainy days.

The Shape: The silhouette is on the slim side; it’s designed in England after all.  Most English shirts, suits, and jackets are cut a bit slimmer in the chest and waist.  I normally wear an American 40 jacket but went up to a 42 on the G9.  The fit should be a little roomy near your chest so you have mobility without restrictions.  Unlike most American jackets which tend to gather around the waist on my frame, this tapers nicely, offering a trimming effect from shoulders down to the waist.

The Versatility:  I’ve worn this almost every day for the past month with quarter-zip sweaters, cashmere sweaters, dress shirts, tee shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, khakis, chinos, and all kinds of shoes.  It looks good with nearly anything sporty and anything business casual.  It’s on its way to becoming a true workhorse in my wardrobe and I venture to say it will become one in yours too.



(Baracuta G9 Jacket, $390)