Anniversary Sale 2016

If you don’t think an anniversary is an important event, try forgetting one. That’s a really fast way to find out just how important an occasion it is. This year the anniversary gift-buying fraternity in my family is about to gain a new member. My daughter Elise is getting married this summer to a great guy named Brian. As a friendly father-in-law I feel it is my duty to give Brian a word of advice. So here goes. Brian, don’t forget your anniversary — ever. Elise is her mother’s daughter. Trust me on this one. Never. Ever.

In the meantime everything in our house revolves around planning the summer wedding. Talk about a “New Age Occasion”! I had no idea when I got married what went into that day back in 1983 (or was it 1883?). Like most guys my age, I just showed up a couple days beforehand, pretty clueless except for the tux rental process. I was working in Germany at the time, so I arrived on Wednesday, the wedding was Saturday and we left again for Frankfurt on Monday. I know now that “event creep” has taken over the modern wedding. Things have been invented in this creep (it must be some cartel conspiracy, I’m certain of it) – the bachelorette weekend, the engagement photos, the save the date card, the happy couple’s own website about the day, the newly-named (if not newly invented) cocktail for the reception, the First Look at a location different from the ceremony (wasn’t that bad luck just a generation ago?). It all sounds like a lot more fun and it’s totally out of my control.

Actually, there is one place where I do have influence: the men’s attire.  Of all the planning that’s going on, this one went mostly seamlessly. And it offers me a chance to plug the Allen Edmonds Wedding Offer that makes it easy to coordinate shoes and belts for the whole group, get cedar shoe trees and save $150 in the process. Check it out online at  All the men will also be wearing Allen Edmonds neckties with their blue suits, by the way. We’ll look really sharp – way better than those used rental tuxes and shiny vinyl shoes. I’m a very happy and proud FOB and it’s going to be a great day!

At Allen Edmonds we are also celebrating an anniversary. This year marks our 94th year in business and we are honoring the occasion with some exciting new styles and some great anniversary offers to match. It’s always difficult for me to highlight a few of our products but, forced to choose, this year I would point to the Sea Island and the Strandmok 2.0. Why these two?  They both have a color palette that works well with spring and summer looks, and I love the soft suede material. The quality of the suede that we use means we were able to design these shoes to be unlined, so that they look and feel great with or without socks. As the weather begins to warm, there’s nothing better than to slip your bare feet into a beautifully handcrafted, high quality suede shoe. It’s a great feeling and besides, anyone who follows men’s fashion knows that going sockless is one of the hottest trends in the business.

Woven leather is another hot ticket item in shoes this year. You’ll notice that we have multiple styles with woven touches for you to choose from.  Check out the Leiden, Lake Bluff and Cody styles especially.  And, for a real trendsetter, take a look at our new sneakers — the Cheetah and the Brisbane. Our first sneakers may have been 94 years in the making, but they’re well worth the wait.

In 1922 Allen Edmonds began making handcrafted shoes of the very highest quality. Ninety four years later we continue to produce some of the finest footwear in the world and we’ve expanded our horizons to include belts, leather briefcases and duffel bags, and versatile dress-casual clothing. We and our suppliers are literally adding hundreds of American jobs through what we do for you. In today’s world, that’s definitely something that’s unforgettable and worth celebrating.  Happy Anniversary!