34 Heritage Jeans–Not Going Back

Several guys in our office have been wearing 34 Heritage pants to work for the last year or so. I admit they always look really sharp but to be honest I wasn’t sure they justified the added expense and besides, I was happy with what I was wearing. I saw no reason to change, until I tried a pair on that is.

To understand where I am coming from, I am one of those guys who has been wearing the same jeans for years. I know my brand and my size. I don’t even have to try them on anymore and they never cost me more than $50. The only downside is that they aren’t the most comfortable pants in the world, they get stiff and shrink when washed and begin to fade too fast.

So, when one of my co-workers swore that they were the most comfortable jeans he’s ever worn, I decided to check it out. Over the course of a month I wore them every Friday to the office and often on weekends. And yes, I’m hooked and I won’t be going back to old jeans. Here’s why:

Pockets—deeper and much more flexible/stretchy than those on my previous jeans. This means I have more room for my phone, pocket knife, gum, pens, notes, etc.

Belt Loops—Covers all the bases with thin loops for dress belts and larger loops for wider casual belts.

Contrast cuffs—nice visual detail if I want to cuff my jeans

Contrast cuffs—nice visual detail if I want to cuff my jeans

And Lastly—the Stretch.  My favorite part. They have an appropriate amount of stretch when I need it: bending, squatting, running, climbing stairs, jamming more than an average amount of contents into my pockets etc. Perfect for an active guy or a guy who’s tired of tightness through the hips and seat in his jeans. No more shrinking waist band, no more discomfort.

I like it when I come across an innovation that actually improves my life.  I won’t be going back to my former jeans.  The future of denim is here.

(Allen Edmonds 34 heritage jeans)