Father’s Day

Fathers' day blog imageAs the father of four grown children, two sons and two daughters, I have been receiving Father’s Day gifts from my wife for years. Thankfully she knows my tastes and takes these occasions seriously. And I do too.

Maybe it’s because we are older and have lost our own fathers, but we understand the importance of these occasions. They allow us time to show our appreciation for all they have done for us and reflect on the importance of family, tradition and heritage.

I know this may sound a little cheesy to some of you but I like to think about Allen Edmonds in this way. We are family and like a family we look out for each other, share our ups and downs and work together toward a common goal. And just as my own father taught me a set of values and traditions that had been passed down to him from his father and so on, we too have learned from those who came before us at Allen Edmonds.

When Elbert W. Allen and Bill “Pops” Edmonds launched their new shoe company on the shores of Lake Michigan back in 1922 they made values like hard work, honesty, humility and trust the cornerstones of the company. Quality and craftsmanship was, and is, paramount to our success and we continue to follow the 212-step manufacturing process they developed for handcrafting Goodyear welted shoes to this day.

At Allen Edmonds we think Father’s Day is special, so once again this year we are celebrating every hard-working dad with some exciting new styles and great offers to match. If I had to make my own wish list for Father’s Day (I hope my wife is reading this) I would start with a fun summer shoe like the Sea Island or the Maritime. They look and feel great sockless at the course, beach or pool, and the new sun bleached colors are cool. I also really like the new Brisbane or Cheetah sneakers. They remind me of my college days in California. These first-ever Allen Edmonds sneakers were 94 years in the making and well worth the wait. Also on my list are our newly discovered Johnnie O golf shirts, the 34 Heritage jeans and any of our wrinkle free sport shirts. And I love the new spring colors of our V-neck sweaters which have great ribbing details along the neck line and are made of fine Zegna Beruffa yarn from the Biella region of Italy.

More than any gift I receive, however, for me Father’s Day is a time to reflect on family. At Allen Edmonds we are proud of our family values, our heritage and traditions, and the fact that we continue to handcraft our shoes in the USA. It is the kind of history that we believe should be preserved and passed down to the next generation and we plan to carry it on long into the future.


Happy Father’s Day

Paul Grangaard

President and CEO